Congratulations on your success.

You've built a valuable practice - where you go next is your choice


CAPNA could be your next step.

You’ve spent your career building your practice.  You’ve worked long days in the exam room and spent too many of your weekends balancing your books and figuring out your next equipment purchases.   All your hard work, dedication and perseverance has created not only a valuable asset, but a legacy that embodies your commitment and values.   Now you have options. Consult with CAPNA to see if becoming part of our practice group might be the stepping stone to the next phase of your life.

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Have the lifestyle you've earned.

Balance your practice with your passions.

Growing a successful practice comes at a cost.  Whether it’s a shortage of family time, missed vacations, or favorite hobbies put on hold, running a busy practice can really take a toll on “work-life balance.” For CAPNA practice owners, selling a practice isn’t an ending – it’s the beginning of a more free, independent and balanced lifestyle.   Your time is precious.  Spend it well.

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A strong commitment to ongoing development

By mentoring and developing staff, bringing in new technologies, and fostering collaboration between hospitals, CAPNA helps the practice continue to excel.  Our team of veterinarians work with the hospital to bring the best available medicine and surgery capabilities to the patients.

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Less stress. More bottom line.

We concentrate on efficiencies to allow you greater freedom.

CAPNA employs top experts in every aspect of practice administration, marketing, and human resources.   There’s no need for you to “re-invent the wheel,” solving administrative problems in your practice that have already been solved.  With our scale, we bring efficiency and cost savings to the practice across all these disciplines – resulting in an improved bottom line.

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Maintain your practice culture.

Local practice culture is paramount.

You’ve spent years building a vibrant, unique and enduring culture within your practice.  It’s what keeps your clients coming back and your team motivated and effective. A fear many practice owners face in considering a sale is whether they will lose control of what they’ve built.  This is a real concern with many of the exit options available today.  With CAPNA, our founder-centric approach ensures that you can continue to practice medicine the way you always have.

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“CAPNA is a company composed of high quality practices with a similar mission. It takes advantage of economies of scale, yet enables each individual practice to have its own personality.”

- Neal Beeber, DVM

Rutherford Animal Hospital, NJ

“I am excited and proud to be a member of the CAPNA family.”

- Colleen Currigan, DVM

Cat Hospital of Chicago

“We are very excited to have joined such a distinguished group of veterinary practices. The sharing of expertise, knowledge and resources will be of great benefit for our Doctors and Staff.”

- Mario Tascon, DVM

Southside Animal Hospital

“I am so pleased to be a part of CAPNA. We are the first veterinary group to offer training to the entire staff.”

- Dr. David Nielsen

Animal Medical Group

“I am proud to be a member of CAPNA and look forward to collaborating with progressive practitioners across the country. Together we will provide superior medical and surgical service to our clients and patients.”

- Ronald M. Kelpe, DVM

Santa Margarita Animal Care Center

“Joining CAPNA allowed me to return to what I enjoy most, engaging with patients and clients. I'm secure knowing my financial future is secured and the practice will be run by veterinary professionals.”

- Dr. William Brown, MS, DVM

The Blue Cross Animal Hospital

“I love the learning opportunities for all of my staff in CAPNA. ”

- Dr. Dennis Woodruff

“Merging with CAPNA has given me the financial freedom to enjoy the life that my hard work created while retaining the control of medical and surgical management and the fulfillment that comes from my ability to concentrate on constantly improving medicine.”

- Dr. Frank Puccio

Flannery Animal Hospital

“I love being included in such an amazing group of motivated, innovative, and creative veterinary professionals.”

- Dr. Elizabeth Busch, DVM, DABVP

Briarcliff Animal Clinic

“CAPNA has provided an opportunity for me to grow and develop in many avenues of veterinary medicine. Through this process, I have experienced the progression and advancement in providing the highest level of veterinary care to our patients and a collaborative culture of our hospital.”

- Dr. Evan Ware

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CAPNA is a national group of quality companion animal practices that continue to strive to improve the practice of medicine and surgery, which is the key to our lasting success in veterinary medicine.