CAPNA Doctors Are Making A Global Impact

CAPNA Doctors Are Making A Global Impact

Children with dogs in Nicaragua where CAPNA vets are providing help

CAPNA’s own Dr. Craig Martin volunteers his time and expertise to an organization contributing to the control of the pet population within the various communities in Nicaragua. Formed by veterinarians in 2011, NicaVets is a non-profit organization that aims to control the canine and feline population, as well as to improve the quality of nutrition to the pets in the region. Through philanthropic efforts and hard work, NicaVets has recruited select CAPNA DVMs, who collectively share their passion for this cause.

“I am proud to be a CAPNA Veterinarian. CAPNA shares my passion for goodwill and good work with a focused goal to bring the best medicine and services to areas less fortunate and that need us the most.” 

–Dr. Craig Martin, DVM
Liberty Animal Hospital , AL 


Nicaragua Spay & Neuter Clinic

On February 27 and 28, 2016, three CAPNA veterinarians traveled to Nicaragua with the NicaVets organization in order to participate in a weekend spay and neuter clinic. Dr. Markee Kuschel of Deer Creek Animal Hospital in Denver, CO and Drs. Cindy Williams and Craig Martin of Liberty Animal Hospital in Birmingham, AL volunteered their time and resources to provide surgeries, examinations, vaccinations, and other medical treatments to over 60 pets in the Southwestern Region of the Nicaraguan area just north of San Juan del Sur.

The Veterinary team treated animals suffering from many ailments including internal and external para-sites. An additional area of concern surrounded the ex-treme malnourishment of the general intake of companion animals.

The CAPNA team donated and transported an autoclave, surgical instruments and supplies to the NicaVets organization in order to be utilized for this trip, and future clinical missions.



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