Dr. Dennis Law


Dr. Dennis Law graduated from Colorado State School of Veterinary Medicine in 1982 in the top 2% of his class. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah where he is associated with Cottonwood Animal Hospital, Mountain View Animal Hospital and Amor Animal Hospital. Cottonwood Animal Hospital in particular was awarded Hospital of the Year by Veterinary Economics. He is past President of the Salt Lake Veterinary Medical Association and Past President of the Veterinary Orthopedic Society. He served as a board member of the Utah Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Law's special interests include orthopedic surgery, and veterinary practice management.

Dr. Sandra Seamans

CVPM, Vice President of Operations

Dr. Sandy Seamans is CAPNA's V.P. of Operations. She graduated from Louisiana State University with degrees in both Medical Technology and Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Seamans founded and practiced for 30 years at Lexington Blvd. Animal Hospital in Sugarland, Texas. She is a graduate of the AAHA sponsored Veterinary Management Institute at Purdue University and is a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) and a member of the VHMA.

Dr. Seamans has also lectured extensively in practice management with a focus on developing quality staff and team building with veterinary hospitals.

Mr. Paul Soth

Chief Financial Officer

With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Soth is responsible for all finance, treasury, and risk management, mergers and acquisitions, tax, and audit operations at CAPNA.

Prior to joining CAPNA, Mr. Soth was CFO of Spectrum Group International, Inc. "SGI". As CFO and Executive Vice President of SGI, he helped guide the Company from over-the-counter “OTC” stock status to re-listment eligibility on NASDQ stock market. Mr. Soth also held a variety of senior leadership roles, including, vice president of financial planning and analysis, treasurer, and multinational income tax provision, compliance and tax planning.

Before joining SGI, Mr. Soth served a number of roles in Las Vegas with some of the largest gaming companies on the Las Vegas Strip.

Mr. Owen McCafferty

Vice President of Development

Owen E. McCafferty is a 1974 graduate of Xavier University. Owen became a CPA in 1976 then earned his CVPM certificate in 1993, FACEI status in 1997, and his CFF Credential and CGMA Certifications in 2014.

Owen is V.P. Development of Owen McCafferty, CPA, Inc., with locations in Cleveland, Ohio, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Jacksonville, Florida. Owen has acquired non-resident CPA licenses in Ohio, Nevada, Georgia, Texas, and Kentucky in addition to the State of Florida.

Owen has written and published over 160 articles on numerous topics related to finance, taxation and practice management within the Veterinary profession. He has also delivered over 300+ lectures to many diverse audiences nationally and internationally.

He served as president of the Veterinary Practice Manager Association from 1993-1994. Mr. McCafferty has received the Pioneer Award, presented in 2008 by the Association of Veterinary Practice Management Consultants and was awarded a Lifetime Honorary Membership in the Veterinary Practice Managers Association of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. He was the recipient of the AAHA "Recognition of Contributions toward the Betterment of the American Animal Hospital Association" in 1988.

Dr. Daniel Brod

Vice President of Strategic Opportunities

Dr. Dan Brod graduated from Kansas State University in 1983. He started Deer Creek Animal Hospital in Littleton, Colorado with his current partner in 1984 where it has since grown to an 19 full time doctor practice with part time specialties. It is the largest general practice in the Denver area. Dr. Brod has a special interest in orthopedic surgery and diagnostic ultrasound. Deer Creek Animal Hospital and Dr. Brod have achieved special recognition as a practice group dedicated to developing and teaching progressive medical techniques in both surgery and internal medicine. Dr. Brod has also developed leadership courses for hospital staff.

Steve Taylor Photo

Dr. Steven Taylor

ACVIM, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Steve Taylor graduated from Texas A&M University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1972. He is currently the Medical Director of Lexington Boulevard Animal Hospital in Sugarland, Texas.

Dr. Taylor achieved his Boarded Certification in Internal Medicine in 1982 and his certification in Veterinary acupuncture in 2001. Dr. Taylor served as a base Veterinarian at the Tainan Air Force Base in Tainan, Taiwan from 1973 to 1975.

Dr Taylor has served on the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, Committee on Alternative Medicine and the HCVMA as past president. Dr. Taylor is active in various local fundraising activities in the Sugarland community.