The CAPNA Difference

As Veterinarians and practice owners committed to excellence in the field of veterinary medicine and practice management you will find CAPNA’s distinguishing differences to include the following:


  • The CAPNA system provides more cost efficient resources in HR management, employee benefits, purchasing, marketing, and risk management programs.
  • CAPNA practices value ‘operational autonomy’ and innovation at the practice level.
  • A dedication to best business practices, including ongoing financial review by experts.
  • Expanded medical educational standards and CE opportunities for CAPNA staff, encouraging the best in medical protocols and attracting top talent for CAPNA practices.
  • An interest in increasing practice value, including expansion of assets and net worth beyond the capabilities of the individual practice.
  • Retirement succession planning that permits continuum of practice over a lifetime. Veterinarians investigating opportunities for sale of their practices or new Veterinarians looking to invest in their future will both benefit from CAPNA’s resources.

By maximizing internal resources and minimizing operational costs and risk, CAPNA practices are more efficient and profitable.

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