Commitment to Excellence

CAPNA is committed to excellence in medicine, surgery, and practice management. CAPNA is developing programs and protocols in the following areas of practice operations:

Medicine and Surgery

CAPNA is comprised of professionals who have developed an advanced expertise in multiple areas of practice, including Theriogenology, Laparoscopy, Arthroscopy, Orthopedic Surgery, Soft Tissue Surgery, Internal Medicine, Exotic Animal Medicine, Behavioral Medicine, Geriatrics, Dentistry, and Feline Medicine.

The Medical and Surgical division of CAPNA is focused on one goal: to set and achieve the highest standards of medical and surgical care for CAPNA hospitals. The Chief Medical Officer, R. Steven Taylor, DVM, ACVIM and his team are committed to capitalizing on the talent within the CAPNA practice group by sharing the unique experiences, knowledge levels, specialties, and leadership developed within each practice. CAPNA is dedicated to the ongoing creation and improvement of medical protocols within CAPNA practices as well as the development of comprehensive training programs.

Human Resources

The most successful practice model is built on the ability to meet and exceed client expectations consistently. Clients expect veterinary practices to deliver high quality care in a professional, clean hospital environment, with a staff that is attentive, service oriented, and caring. The challenge of delivering such a high level of care requires solid ‘people management’. Staff recruitment, training and effective HR management is central to practice success. All practice leaders within CAPNA understand the importance of developing the competencies of Veterinarians and support staff.


The best marketing ideas are developed and executed locally. CAPNA is in the process of compiling ‘best practices’ for marketing programs that address the opportunities within each practice geographic and market area.