Cats Exclusive Veterinary Hospital

Cats Exclusive Veterinary Hospital

742 Bergen Boulevard
New Jersey
About This Practice: 

Our mission is to provide our clients and their beloved pets with the highest standards of veterinary care. We recognize that the human-animal bond is a treasure that we are entrusted to preserve. We are obligated to treat all clients and all cats with respect and dignity. We choose to maintain a compassionate family-like environment with our clients.

We recognize and focus on the fact that cats are different from dogs and other household pets. We will strive to always provide an environment that helps promote the healing and recovery process in our patients.

Although technological advances permit us to better diagnose and treat a greater number of diseases, we will continue to promote preventive care as the essential first step in maintaining a happy and healthy cat. We will always provide clients sufficient information to permit them to make informed decisions regarding their pets' medical needs.

For our staff we promise to provide a safe working environment in which professional growth and advancement are promoted. Our patients are best served by providing a highly trained, efficient staff that is motivated to practice following the guidelines of the American Animal Hospital Association

Within the Bergen County community, we will strive to be honorable ambassadors of the veterinary profession. We will participate in educational opportunities and community programs. Recognizing that most communities struggle with the ever increasing population of feral and stray cats, we are committed to work alongside animal welfare groups to help alleviate this problem.