Hospital Manager - Carriage Hills Animal Hospital

Hospital Manager - Carriage Hills Animal Hospital

Carriage Hills Animal Hospital and Pet Resort in Montgomery, AL has a longstanding reputation in the River Region as a provider of highly professional veterinary services in a friendly and compassionate atmosphere. Our practice has a reputation for quality veterinary care, due to the range of services offered and our efforts to fill the area’s need for specialty services. Our veterinary referral program has grown tremendously and our relationship with regional veterinarians is a positive one.

We are currently looking for a Hospital Manaager to join our amazing team.  Our AAHA accredited and award-winning facility supports the delivery of exceptional veterinary services, which include:

Technologically advanced pet medical, surgical, and dental care
Comfortable pet boarding facilities and luxury suites
The Barking Zone dog daycare center
Quality pet grooming and bathing
Pet nutrition, dietary counseling, and dietary products
Pet rehabilitation and physical therapy services including the only underwater treadmill in the Tri-County area
Our critical care ward is staffed 24/7 to provide comprehensive and intensive monitoring and treatment for critically ill patients. Should the need arise, we also provide emergency care for our patients as well as those of other practices in the local area.

In this role you will manage a variety of general office activities and ensure positive client interactions by performing the following duties personally or through delegation:

Human Resources:

Ensure all new employees complete the new hire paper work and this is submitted to CAPNA’s payroll department

Submit any personal change request (PCR) for pay, position/department or full/part time status to the appropriate CAPNA

Maintain compliance to CAPNA employee manuals, policies, and procedures

Attend and directs staff meetings and maintain file of meeting minutes and proper documentation of attendees

Staff and doctor meetings should be scheduled at least once monthly

Screen applicants with interviews in accordance to set questions, legal guidelines

Check applicant references for hiring potential

Maintain and monitor compliance to job descriptions and “to do” lists

Record employee attendance on designated scheduling software, including all call- ins, late, early out, absences (unexcused and excused) and vacation time taken

Ensure employees check time keeping on a daily basis

Initiate and monitor staff training in accordance with management guidelines

Make decisions regarding time off requests, balancing needs of hospitals and employees

Conduct performance reviews of support staff in a timely manner, minimum of once yearly

Document any reprimand and counseling with signature of employee acknowledging the discussion

Oversee maintenance of employee records, including confidential files

Ensure proper storage of files is kept according to labor laws and CAPNA guidelines

Send all appropriate personnel files to CAPNA corporate

Mediate and document any personnel grievances or disputes and with the employee signature acknowledging the discussion

Inform CAPNA HR department of those grievance which may involve ADA, FMLA, WC, or any other regulatory or governing body

Conduct employee terminations when necessary

Terminations must be presented to CAPNA’s HR department PRIOR to any discussion or action on the part of the local management team

Documentation of termination must include the complete employee file indicating proper counseling prior to any action taken

Serve as communication liaison for staff with Medical Director and Regional Operation Directors

Have regular meetings with the hospital directors and medical directors to ensure standardization of management and open lines of communication occur

Serve as communication liaison for staff with hospital and medical director

Process bi-weekly payroll in accordance with CAPNA guidelines, insuring employees are responsible for their time recording

Ensure doctor contracts are available and current

Ensure all Doctor DEA, state drug permits and state licenses are current and properly displayed


Ensure all new employees receive and acknowledge by signature the CAPNA safety manual and are properly trained PRIOR to starting any work-related activity

Conduct monthly staff safety meetings and document all attendees

Update as necessary all veterinary computer software systems for accurate pricing

Review all daily transaction journals/audit trails for compliance to production rules.

Conduct medical record review to insure discounting, miss-charging does not occur

Track all doctor production for payroll calculations and doctor reviews

Monitor hospital for clean, professional appearance and smell.

Maintain relationships with variety of professional veterinary associations.

Perform duties of receptionist, technician, and kennel staff when needed

Maintain compliance to dress code standards by all staff

Keep M.D. and R.O.D. apprised of any situation with potential for concern

Maintain compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Child Labor Laws, other labor laws, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, OSHA standards

Run necessary errands, either personally or by delegation.

Maintain regular quarterly inventories

Ensure orders for food, drugs, and medical supplies are accurate, adequate but not excessive

Conform to CAPNA’s preferred vendor contracts

Distribute incoming and outgoing mail

Oversee the maintenance of all equipment, office machines, and computers are in working order with adequate supplies

Ensure all DEA compliance as outlined by CAPNA

Perform regular audits as requested

Facility Maintenance:

Ensure all standards of facility maintenance are overseen to insure employee, client and animal safety and provide an aesthetically pleasing work place for staff and enhance the client experience

Adhere to all OSHA standards and CAPNA’s safety policies



Implement fee schedules per hospital director and CAPNA regional operating director’s instructions

Implement hospital credit policies and monitor compliance

Make daily bank deposits, prepare and send in the end of day CAPNA cash reconciliation documents on a DAILY basis

Reconcile petty cash in drawer

Scan and email/upload financial reports as requested by CAPNA corporate

Verify accuracy of vendor statements and match appropriate invoices to statements

Monitor client accounts receivable at 60 & 90 days and mail statements in timely manner

Ensure all contracts are scanned and sent to CAPNA corporate and any new contracts are reviewed by Corporate and signed by a Corporate representative

Have full understanding of the financial P&Ls and appropriate benchmarks deemed reasonable for the hospital

Monitor staff payroll for inefficiencies and overtime excesses

Utilize scheduling software and eSPOT to anticipate staff needs and payroll costs

Monitor A/R to prevent after close adjustments

Maintain all policies of CAPNA regarding audit and SOX requirements


Develop referral relationships with humane societies, pet stores, local shelters, etc.

Attend community functions to build potential client base; chamber of commerce, etc.

Maintain hospital education programs; brochures, newsletters, press releases

Recommend, monitor, implement, and evaluate client communications

Develop and implement marketing strategies in cooperation with Administrator

Benefits: We offer competitive compensation along with a comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental, vision and paid vacation/sick days, 401(k), generous employee pet discounts and more!

Please submit your CV/resume to our Recruiting Manager Ryan Miller at if you think your skills might be a fit for this wonderful opportunity!