Frequently Asked Questions

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We look for practices that not only bring value to our staff but value to the hearts of the many families and pets that we serve.  We build lasting relationships with the former practice CEOs. Upon acquisition, our newest members become a part of a family of experts and become contributing members of that group.  We build strong networks to create opportunities to use their body of knowledge built through years of hard work.

No.  Either party may decide to withdraw at any point throughout the acquisition process.  Valuing your veterinary practice is an important exercise.  It is crucial to understand what may be offered should you decide to sell.  We take the valuation seriously to bring you expert analysis and value for the years of effort you have put forth through your life’s work.  Our VP of Development is Owen E. McCafferty, who is experienced in evaluating practices of veterinary medicine.  Led by Owen E. McCaffery, the Development Team will provide you with quality information and details regarding your practice’s financial condition.  You will be able to utilize this information toward efficiencies within your practice going forward whether or not you decide to enter into an agreement with CAPNA.  The valuation is at no cost to our prospect. 

No. We enter into a mutual confidentiality agreement upon request for financial information.  Our development team is small and maintains confidentiality. 

CAPNA focuses on continual improvement in the practice of veterinary medicine and surgery.  This improvement is the key to success.  CAPNA provides veterinarians and their staff with a business structure that encourages medical and surgical independence, innovation, and operational autonomy all within best practices.

Shared learning among hospitals ensures veterinarians continue best practices and have the ability to tap an expansive network. 

We also strive to have all of our practices AAHA certified.

A valuation can be completed in matter of weeks.  The process timeframe will vary depending on the priority placed by our prospective members.  The CAPNA Development Team takes your practice valuation report seriously while placing your timeline at the forefront of our process.  Some prospective members enjoy taking their time while others would like a report in the earliest possible timeframe.  How long does the process take?  It’s up to you. 

A valuation can be completed in just a few weeks.  The process timeframe will vary depending on the priority placed by our prospective members.  The CAPNA Development Team takes your evaluation seriously while placing your timeline as a priority.  Some prospective members enjoy taking their time throughout the process while others would like an answer as soon as possible.  It’s up to you. 

CAPNA’s mission is to be innovators in developing life long career opportunities for growth and advancement for all CAPNA employees.  Administrative personnel will have the ability to grow within a larger network. 

Yes you do. The CAPNA business model includes innovative medical and surgical operational autonomy at a local level.  This is achieved by encouraging our veterinarians to maintain control in making medical and surgical decisions.  CAPNA provides efficiencies in operational systems such as purchasing, human resources, marketing, and risk management. 

Veterinarians maintain local hospital identity and oversee medical and surgical operations. This allows veterinary hospitals to retain the influence of local doctors, support staff, and management. The doctors provide guidance in the provision of the service mix which supports each individual hospitals unique culture. 

The CAPNA Corporate Office provides all Accounting functions, Reporting, Human Resources, Payroll, Audit, Legal, IT and Risk Management.

CAPNA values quality of care and level of excellence in medicine and surgery and therefore seeks to extend its reach to prospects who feel the same.  For this reason, CAPNA encourages our newest members to remain as involved as they would like.  Preserving our new hospital’s existing values is extremely important to CAPNA.  Our goal is to maintain our ability to keep the personal touch that has allowed hospital owners to build outstanding regional reputations due to a commitment to the culture and of the veterinary profession.   

New CAPNA members have new opportunities as their practice group is acquired. 

  • They can choose to stay at one location
  • Members can advance into other positions of development within CAPNA such as advisors in management
  • They have the opportunity to advance their skills in medicine and surgery to even greater depths. 

On Monday, May 2, 2016, Companion Animal Practices North America officially sealed the agreement with Veterinary Centers of America (VCA) the premier Veterinary Corporation in the world.  This is a significant milestone for CAPNA.  In just five years, CAPNA was able to grow to 56 hospitals and become one of the most profitable hospital groups in North America.  CAPNA gained prominence within the veterinary community as the premier group of hospitals guided by its mission: By Veterinarians for Veterinarians.  When it came time to focus on an investment partner, CAPNA ultimately chose VCA as the most suitable group to maintain the quality of culture and autonomy that CAPNA has known.  

"We are pleased about our new relationship with VCA and we look forward to leveraging their administrative infrastructure and financial resources to take CAPNA to the next level. Our entire management team is excited by the opportunity to grow our company and draw on VCA resources while we retain the independence and culture that has made CAPNA the success that it is." – Dr. Dennis C. Law, DVM, CAPNA President & Managing Member

“We are thrilled to have a partner that both understands our industry and has weathered the tides of change within our profession.  At CAPNA, we stand on our own but we are not alone.  We are bolstered by the VCA infrastructure and partnership while maintaining our culture and identity as CAPNA.” –Dr. Dennis C. Law, DVM, CAPNA President & Managing Member

CAPNA was conceived by our President Dr. Dennis Law when he questioned, “What would happen if a group of practices and practice owners formed a corporation and joined under one vision and a standard of practice to create a positive movement in the field of veterinary medicine and patient care?”

CAPNA leadership is comprised of doctors of veterinary medicine.  Together, they combine to provide 140 years of veterinary medicine and management experience.  We are veterinarians for veterinarians.