Have the lifestyle you've earned

With CAPNA, selling a practice isn’t an ending – it’s the beginning of a more independent lifestyle. Your time is precious. Spend it well.


Have the lifestyle you've earned.

Many practice owners don’t realize that selling a practice doesn’t mean quitting the business of veterinary medicine.  In fact, the majority of veterinarians who sell are not ready to hang up their stethoscopes just yet.  They enjoy the engagement of working in the practice – whether it’s handling the most challenging surgeries or interacting on a personal level with clients, patients, and staff.

At the same time, being a practice owner is hard work, and often involves long hours.  In many cases, the majority of time is spent on less rewarding tasks, whether it's finance, administration, or human resources.  

By becoming part of CAPNA, you can focus on the aspects of veterinary medicine that you find most satisfying, while having support in the areas that may be less rewarding.  And by making this change, you’ll get back your own freedom and independence – whether to travel, spend more time with family, or pick up hobbies that you’ve been missing for years as a busy practice owner.

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