Maintain your practice culture.

Your unique practice culture keeps your clients coming back and your team motivated and effective. Our founder-centric approach ensures it will continue long into the future.


Maintain your practice culture.

For practice owners considering a sale, one of the greatest fears is that the practice will lose its individuality and become just another branch of a giant corporation.  It’s an understandable concern, and in fact this is just what can happen with other practice acquisition groups.  

Many owners are also concerned about protecting the team of staff they’ve built and mentored over many years.

We recognize that your practice’s value is greatly enhanced by its culture and its proven staff, and we are committed to preserving these valuable assets.  Every city and neighborhood has a style of its own, and your practice has succeeded by connecting with your local community in an authentic way, leading to a growing base of clientele that are a part of your practice family.

At CAPNA, this isn’t just a mission statement.  It’s literally part of who we are, since our president, VP of operations, VP of strategic opportunities, and our medical and surgical team are all veterinarians themselves – many of whom are still practicing.

In fact, by eliminating some of the administrative headaches of running your practice, you’ll have more time to invest in what makes your practice truly special.

Make the most of the culture you’ve built.  Contact us today for a confidential, no-obligation consultation.