CAPNA could be your next step.

Your hard work, dedication and perseverance has created not only a valuable asset, but a legacy that embodies your commitment and values. Now you have options.


CAPNA could be your next step.

Becoming part of CAPNA could be the stepping stone to the next phase of your life.

CAPNA is a truly unique practice group.  We’re managed by veterinarians, for veterinarians.  So we understand both the opportunities for advancement, and the concerns that owners may feel about becoming part of a larger group.

Working with CAPNA, you can be assured that not only are we aware of these concerns, but we’ve been through them ourselves.  Many of our senior management were practice owners who joined CAPNA due to a shared vision of what a practice group can be.

There are good reasons to be concerned about selling a practice, whether to a trusted associate or to a larger group.  As a practice owner your values, beliefs and methods are embodied in the practice, and any transition must preserve these in order to maintain and increase the value of your practice.  

At CAPNA we stand for:

  • Preservation of the practice culture
  • Creating continued opportunity for your staff
  • Continuation of the practice vision

Today, you have options.  Make the most of them by considering CAPNA.

Find out whether CAPNA could be your next step.  Contact us today for a confidential, no-obligation consultation.