The CAPNA Development team follows a methodical 5-tiered process.  


Initial Data Request:

CAPNA extends a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure information is protected and remained confidential.  The CAPNA development team will send a data request for the documents needed in order to value your practice for a potential offer price.    



CAPNA is thorough in their analytic review in order to ensure that our prospect receives full value for their years of hard work.   CAPNA tracks this through a checklist verification process.  All prospect information and materials remain confidential within the CAPNA development department alone.  Only necessary CAPNA employees gain access to prospect information and valuation details.    

The CAPNA Executive Team will meet to determine if they will move forward with a site visit.


Site Visit:

The purpose of the site visit is to meet our potential new members. An onsite visits affords us the opportunity to connect with your team while creating an opportunity for your team to connect with ours.  Here we begin to build the foundation of our relationship going forward.   



It is important to us that we build strong bonds so as to ensure that the quality of the culture you have built remains intact throughout the transition and into the future within the CAPNA family.  Upon approval, CAPNA will extend a Letter of Intent to our newest member with our formal offer for practice purchase.  



Upon approval, we finalize our offer and sign closing agreements.