From Our Members

Excited and Proud

“I am excited and proud to be a member of the CAPNA family. As a feline-only practitioner, it has provided me an opportunity to also meet and explore relevant veterinary topics with a group of top notch, forward thinking practitioners outside the feline-exclusive world of veterinary medicine. CAPNA has always been known for its focus on best practice, so I appreciate as well the excellent continuing education and leadership opportunities offered by CAPNA that both my staff and I have enjoyed attending.”

Colleen Currigan, DVM
Cat Hospital of Chicago

A Distinguished Group

“We are very excited to have joined such a distinguished group of veterinary practices. The sharing of expertise, knowledge and resources will be of great benefit for our Doctors and Staff.”

Mario Tascon, DVM
Southside Animal Hospital

Training for the Entire Staff

“I am so pleased to be a part of CAPNA. We are the first veterinary group to offer training to the entire staff. ”

Dr. David Nielsen
Animal Medical Group

Collaborating with Progressive Practitioners

“I am proud to be a member of CAPNA and look forward to collaborating with progressive practitioners across the country. Together we will provide superior medical and surgical service to our clients and patients.”

Ronald M. Kelpe DVM
Santa Margarita Animal Care Center

Returned to What I Enjoy Most

“Joining CAPNA allowed me to return to what I enjoy most, engaging with patients and clients. I'm secure knowing my financial future is secured and the practice will be run by veterinary professionals.”

Dr. William Brown, MS, DVM
The Blue Cross Animal Hospital

Learning Opportunities

“I love the learning opportunities for all of my staff in CAPNA. ”

Dr. Dennis Woodruff

Gave Me Financial Freedom

“Merging with CAPNA has given me the financial freedom to enjoy the life that my hard work created while retaining the control of medical and surgical management and the fulfillment that comes from my ability to concentrate on constantly improving medicine”

Dr. Frank Puccio
Flannery Animal Hospital

Progression and Advancement

“CAPNA has provided an opportunity for me to grow and develop in many avenues of veterinary medicine. Through this process, I have experienced the progression and advancement in providing the highest level of veterinary care to our patients and a collaborative culture of our hospital.”

Dr. Evan Ware

An Amazing Group

“I love being included in such an amazing group of motivated, innovative, and creative veterinary professionals.”

Dr. Elizabeth Busch, DVM, DABVP
Briarcliff Animal Clinic